Get Involved

We are always seeking new people to join our special team of volunteers. Join our team today!

Get Involved

We are always seeking new people to join our very special team of volunteers. Whether it’s short term or ongoing assistance you wish to provide, the RSL greatly values your time and effort.

If you wish to become a volunteer for the Appeals please click here for more information.

You can assist by becoming an Appeals Collector or participating in Home and Hospital Visits.

Appeals Collector

Help raise the much needed funds for the Appeals by becoming an Appeals Collector in your local community. One of the greatest hurdles of fundraising is finding enough people to volunteer during the Appeals. Without volunteers from the community, the ANZAC Appeal and Poppy Appeal would not be able to provide much of the financial assistance and support to our current and former service men and women and their families. Becoming an Appeals Collector is a simple and very worthwhile way of providing assistance.

Home and Hospital Visits

This is what the RSL is all about; mates helping mates. RSL volunteers spend time with ex-service men, women and war widows to ensure those living at home, in aged care facilities or in hospitals stay connected with their community. An hour of your time will make the world of difference to the person you visit and you will be surprised by how much you get from the experience as well.

Volunteer time and donations are both greatly appreciated. Every day we receive letters of gratitude and heartfelt thanks from the hundreds of people who have received financial, physical and emotional support as a result of RSL Appeals fundraising.

“Thank you one and all, words cannot express adequately my thanks”


One of the greatest challenges for the Appeals is finding enough people to volunteer. Become a part of our special volunteer team today.

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